BlackPods: Apple's AirPods, only black

At $159, Apple’s AirPods aren’t exactly cheap, yet they’re quite the bargain when you consider the wireless earbuds options. If only they could come in a color to match your Black iPhone 7, Jet or otherwise.

Well, now they can, sort of, courtesy of a company called BlackPods. Jackpot!

BlackPods (apparently both the name of the company and the end product) will take your ordinary shiny white AirPods, subject them to a ‘three-phase approach’ that yields a ‘luxurious scratch-resistant finish’, all for the nominal fee of $99. Alternatively, you can buy the AirPods straight from BlackPods and get the BlackPods for $249 – sounds like $9 worth of savings. That is, if you don’t already own a pair.

Mind you, there’s a waiting list you need to join at this point, so you can’t order the BlackPods right away. It makes perfect sense though – Apple itself won’t ship a pair of AirPods for another 6 weeks if you order today. Also, there’s a pretty decent chance that you’ll void your warranty with Apple if you opt for the BlackPods.