ARM-Based Windows Laptops To Have Multi-Day Battery Life

Microsoft and Qualcomm have been working together on launching ARM-based Windows systems. Last year, the two companies even demoed a number of ARM-based system running Windows 10 on a Snapdragon 820 processor.

The development of support for ARM processors is still in the works. Such notebooks will still be able to run conventional desktop apps on Windows 10 and are expected to arrive this year. Top tier laptop companies such as Lenovo, ASUS, and HP are all developing their own ARM-powered Windows 10 notebooks.

According to latest information, these notebooks will be able to get multi-day battery life. Now we only need to wait and see some real-life results.

“To be frank, it’s actually beyond our expectations. It’s the kind of battery life where I use it on a daily basis. I don’t take my charger with me. I may charge it every couple of days or so. It’s that kind of battery life,” said Microsoft program manager Pete Bernard at the Qualcomm summit in Hong Kong this week.