apple watch 2

According to various rumours received so far Apple was expected to launch its second generation Watch in the coming month of March. But there is no indication of official release of a wearable watch in the near future, according to the latest reports received from TechCrunch. Ben Bajarin, the Creative Strategist, has also reported that any release of watch in the next March is also not expected by the supply chain of the Apple occupied in such activities. He further said that the disconnection of the supply chain with the suspected usual providers of Apple components also raise suspicion about placing the order of the release a new product by the end of 2015 as well as the shipping of a new product in the first half of 2016.

Ben further said that some new and interesting patterns in the supply chain of Apple were being observed by them which can make the situation more mysterious than ever. No real activity in the supply chain was observed after the release of the current edition of Apple watch which can ensure the release of its next edition. But people suspect the shipping of a new product within few months due to the warnings given by their supply chain about the soft recovery of revenue. This type of developments raise the level of hope regarding the lunch of most-awaited Apple’s second generation watch.

Along with these reports, the absence of any major action on the side of developer also does not suggest any release of a new Apple watch within coming few months.

But after few days of receiving these reports rumours of beginning of the production trial of the Apple second watch by the end of this month have also added weight to the reports of its release by the coming March. Just wait and watch.