Apple Wants To Make OLED Panels, Reduce Reliance On Samsung

To restrict its need for smartphone display panels from Samsung, Apple is reportedly interested in manufacturing its own OLED panels. ET News (South Korea) reports the company has already acquired some chemical vapor deposition (CVD) machines that’ll play a role in OLED production.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is said to be the first iPhone with an OLED display and many reports claim Apple will further switch away from LCD next year. It’ll therefore need a major supply of OLED panels. If it doesn’t produce its own, it’s bound to be reliant on Samsung.

This move from Apple will also “break the dominant position held by Canon Kokki in the CVD machinery market,” according to DigiTimes. Canon Kokki supplies its machines to Samsung and LG, the only significant current OLED makers. Apple got its machines from Sunic System.