Apple to ditch the physical home button on upcoming iPhone

Even though the whole world is going the way of ditching anything that looks like a physical keyboard on a smartphone, Apple would surely never give in to this pressure by removing their physical home button. At least, not completely.

For this year’s iPhone, it seems that the Cupertino based company are planning something special for the home button y making use of the Touch ID to give users a haptic feedback while holding down the place that used to hold the normal home button of the iPhone.

This means that the new home button would be able to sense pressure and give the user’s finger a vibrating sensation which would mimic such that would have been given by a click too. With this change, Apple can guarantee even one less moving part on the iPhone which would give them more room for sleeker and thinner designs.

This report is backing up all of such earlier remarks that we have heard that for this year, the home button on the iPhone would not click.