Apple, Samsung Sign 2-Year Deal For 92M OLED iPhone Panels

Apple has signed a two-year deal with Samsung to purchase 92 million OLED smartphone panels from the company’s display division, reports ET News. Reports about this deal follow a recent claim that Apple ordered 70 million OLED panels.

Based on the contract, Samsung Display will ship 70-92 million small-size OLED panels to Apple in 2017, said the reports. This means that about 30% of iPhone devices shipped in 2017 will come with curved OLED panels, given that Apple currently ships about 200 million iPhone devices a year.
– ET News

Most rumors indicate Apple will offer a premium OLED iPhone this year, possibly called the iPhone 8. Beyond 2017, Apple’s adoption of OLED could increase, though it may also start sourcing panels from companies other than Samsung.