Apple iPhone X's Screen Top Notch To Interfere With Some Apps

Next week, Apple will finally open pre-orders for its flagship iPhone X model, and start shipping it a week later, on November 3. The smartphone comes with an all-new design that features a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display, which has a special notch at the top.

The notch is not only causing problems with production, but according to one developer will also cause problems with apps. The developer, who claims to have written iOS apps for eight years, says that iPhone X will cause many problems to apps in portrait “and about a million problems in landscape” mode.

“Even if you do everything exactly as Apple wants, there’s going to be issues. The API to handle the notch “correctly” (safe area) is new in iOS 11. There’s no way to have preemptively written to support it. Readable layout guides get you some of the way there, but only in landscape and not really. Day 1 iPhone X users are in for problems in most apps.”-Zacwest, Reddit post