Apparently the Sony Xperia XZ2 gets 6GB RAM in the US, UK and Canada as well.

Yesterday, we reported on a rather interesting find, regarding the memory configuration of Sony’s latest flagship pair. Today, the plot thickens even further. Apparently, the US, UK and Canada listings for the bigger Xperia XZ2 all quote 6GB of RAM. Once again, that is 2GB more than the standard international version gets.

The original scoop pertained to regional XZ2 and XZ2 Compact units for Hong Kong and Taiwan. We went over a total of four listing to confirm both phones would get the higher RAM loadout. However, while doing a follow-up sanity check on the matter today, it seems the XZ2 Compact variants have been bumped back down to 4GB in the original sources.

However, since it took less than 24 hours for one of the original sources to change its specs, we have to wonder if this is all a giant misunderstanding that Sony needs to step in and clear up.