Android One Moto X4 will reach Fi customers from October 18 onwards, due to production delay

The Android One version of the Moto X4 got official last month, priced at $399 and with pure Google software on board. It’s so far been exclusive to Fi, the search giant’s own carrier, and it still doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to buy it from any other place anytime soon.

If you have already placed an order with Fi, here’s some bad news. Due to a production delay, the first Android One Moto X4 units will only arrive in Fi customers’ hands at some point between October 18 and October 25. Google doesn’t elaborate on what sort of production delay that was.

People who ordered the Android One Moto X4 and chose expedited shipping were supposed to have it delivered this week. Now there’s at least another week of waiting involved for them. Hopefully there won’t be any additional delays on top of this one.