Huawei Mate 8

Features and Specs

Huawei’s series line of flagship smartphones has long been famed for their powerful performance, long battery life and superior usability. The Huawei Mate 8 builds on that rich institution, offering a vivid 6-inch FHD on a 1920 x 1080 resolution, an ultra-slim design, a re-designed fingerprint sensor and a lustrous aluminum uni-body. And unlike the hybrids of former times, the Mate 8 is compact and elegant in a way that puts most phones in its range to infamy. How’s that for responsiveness to detail?

If there’s anything you can count on from a Huawei motif, it’s that it will certainly impress. The Mate 8 follows this pattern taking sundry cues from its herald the Nexus 6P. What’s more enthralling is that it has gotten even better- and unquestionably faster. It keeps the sleek jewel design and colorful craftsmanship of its predecessor coalescing metal, glass and high-end materials to yield a stylish smooth device in gold, silver, moonlight and gray colors.

Thanks to a razor-thin bezel, the Huawei’s ensured that the Mate 8 utilizes as much of the front planetary as possible. The outcome is one of the handiest phones you will ever come across. This is a surprise bearing in mind it comes in at 157 x 80.6 x 7.9mm and correspondingly harbors a smooth back that gives the illusion of slippery feel. But unlike other phablets whose sloping edges are difficult to grasp in one hand, the Mate 8 boasts of chamfered edges making it a natural fit for your palm. You can never guess it weighs only 185g inclusive of battery.

The Mate 8’s hardware is an account of two dimensions with components such as the GPU and CPU upgraded from the Mate 7. As the first device to use the 8-core Kirin 950 chipset in its quad-core 2.3Ghz Cortex A72, backed up by 4GB RAM- the Mate 8 has ascertained shockingly incredible leaps of power. Pushed to all-out brightness, there is plenty of productivity from this handset. The only downside might be with color reproduction. It pales in contrast to its competition and has indistinct color finishes. That may be a bit on the fence, but it isn’t exactly something to fret about.

Equally, the rear-facing fingerprint sensor might appear slightly off, but it’s presumably an accepted position for your fingers when grasping a large phone. You can configure the sensor to answer calls, take pictures and silence alarms-it responds impressively. One other thing that has reformed with the sensor is its round shape (it’s always been a square on its precursors) and in some way indented. The camera, on the other hand, slightly sticks out but not as prominently as other phones in its range. And owing to its 16MP sensor, it delivers sharpness and clarity in every image. Undeniably, the Mate 8 is one to beat in 2016.

Price and Availability

The 32GB Huawei Mate 8 costs $611 and is currently the only version in the market. Despite its sub $700 price, it looks and feels anything but cheap. It may not be the best phone on the market, but it certainly offers compact specs at a relatively subordinate price than most of its competitors.

Release Date

The Mate 8 was launched in China towards the end of 2015, but at CES 2016, Huawei announced a global launch in 30 more countries. These countries include Spain, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Australia. Unfortunately, it is yet to be available in the UK and US anytime this year.

Latest News and Rumors

According to Wall Street Journal, Huawei will set foot in the US in 2016. It is rumored that the sequel brand- Mate 8 could arrive after the CES. The head of mobile division anticipates a massive sale from the Mate 8, guesstimating the numbers at over a million units each month (oh very ridiculous, right?) Don’t start fathoming- it’s still hearsay because, so far, there is no mention of the handset in the US.

If the Mate 8 is anything to go by- it will undoubtedly sell. Huawei has articulated ambitions beyond the continent, asserting that 2016 will be critical for the company in its quest to gain a footprint in the US. To that end, it has never been able to land stateside- but this is definitely expected to change with the Mate 8.

The Huawei Mate 8 is a reverberation of the Mate 7. But with a punch of power, cutting-edge software and better-quality camera, it’s all the more alluring. Overall, 6- inch phones have become the norm, which ought to further promote its feat as one of the best handsets on the market.