Acer Ending Its Indian Smartphone Sales

Acer entered the Indian smartphone market six years ago, but it’s never gained much traction in the country. The company now views its handset operations in India as a bad investment and will stop selling smartphones in the market. It’ll focus on laptops and other hardware instead.

It’s faced a lot of competition from handset makers in China and elsewhere in recent years. Acer temporarily boosted its efforts in India in 2015, but that change wasn’t sufficient to really raise its market share.

The change in government policies of Make in India and other aspects, our realisation has been that it is too much of a market which is left to the smaller brands rather than any larger brands trying to enter it at this particular stage,
– Harish Kohli, managing director, Acer India

Analysts say part of Acer’s failure came from its decision not to offer online flash sales or engage in marketing efforts directed at young consumers. Those tactics are used by OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others to boost their presence.