A thinner Apple Watch 2 could be with us by June

It’s been a while since we heard a juicy Apple Watch 2 rumour, so hats off to Wall Street analyst Brian White who’s been touring the electronics factories of Asia and has picked up more than one bit of gossip on his travels.

According to White’s sources, the Apple Watch 2 is going to launch this summer at WWDC rather than in September with the iPhone. We don’t yet have a fixed date for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference but it’s usually at the start of June.

What’s more, the new wearable timepiece is going to have a casing that’s 20-40 percent thinner than the current model, White says. If bulk was the only thing putting you off the first generation device then it sounds like you’re in luck.

We’ll take two

We’re expecting the Apple Watch 2 to be able to do more without a tethered iPhone – including, perhaps, make video calls – although the design isn’t expected to change significantly this time around.

Not that most current Apple Watch owners care: a recent marketing survey of 2,578 punters found that 60 percent of people with the first gen device would upgrade to version 2.0 without even seeing it. That’s brand loyalty for you.

The survey also found that the biggest barrier to purchase is the Apple Watch’s price, which may explain why the entry cost of the wearable was lowered last month. Whether or not the new version will stick to the current pricing structure remains to be seen.