128GB+6GB HTC U11 going up for pre-orders in the US tomorrow

HTC announces that it is going to begin selling a 128GB version of the HTC U11, complete with 2 additional GB of RAM for a total of 6GB of RAM. We’re glad to see that HTC has decided to bring over it’s higher specc’d variant while most other smartphone makers are hesitant to offer more than 4GB of RAM in smartphones for the US market.

Otherwise, HTC is hosting discounts for its past couple of major smartphones: You can get $250 off of an HTC U Ultra (for $499) or you can get $300 off the HTC 10 (for $399). You can also get $180 off HTC’s UA Health Box.

If you aren’t fond of either the HTC U11 or HTC U Ultra’s shiny glass design, the HTC 10 is still a great all around smartphone with HTC’s excellent unibody design, and very good camera with a great selfie camera (what with OIS and autofocus).

HTC’s discounts will be available starting Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 25 through Monday, August 7.